The BHM security Token to be is directly linked to shares of the Blue Hill Mining company which has an increasing number of mining exploration licenses. A maximum of 140,000,000 tokens will be minted that are directly linked to Blue Hill Mining company (limited to 700,000,000 shares). This means that 1 BHM-Tokens = 5 shares of Blue Hill Mining company (this ration will enhance due to the token “Burning Program” which will reduce the number of tokens, thus increasing the number of shares per token. The Blue Hill Mining Company represents the co-ownership of 6 mining exploration licenses (the number of mining exploration licenses can change with time as some are sold and other developed).

20% co-ownership - Nickel, Cobalt & Manganese License - XV-017877: 8,865 hectares = 9,741 football fields. Location: 1,250 km west from Ulaanbaatar, in Govi-Altai province. Potential: 500m wide, 2Km long Nickel & Cobalt on Surface.

20% co-ownership - Gold & Zinc License - XV-019281: 1,318 hectares = 1,448 football fields. Location: 900 Km east of Ulaanbaatar, in Dornod province. Potential: USSR mapping - 2 Gold ore bodies and 1 main vein on the surface.

20% co-ownership - Gold & Copper License - XV-020817: 1,249 hectares = 1,372 football fields. Location: 1,250 Km west of Ulaanbaatar, in Uvs province. Potential: 10 ton Gold 500,000 ton Copper, 50m wide, 300m long Gold ore body on surface, according to USSR report.

20% co-ownership - Gold & Copper License - XV-020751: 910 hectáreas = 1,000 football fields. Location: 1,500 Km west of Ulaanbaatar, in Khovd province. Potential: 2.7 tons Gold, according to USSR report.

6.24% Co-ownership - Gold, Copper Nickel & Cobalt License - XV-14307 & XV-14308: 15,971 hectares = 17,543 football fields. Location: 750 Km south of Ulaanbaatar, in Bayankhongor province. Potential: 391-1,651 tons Gold, 165,888 – 638,280 tons Cobalt, 2,005,560 – 4,550,000 tons Nickel, 1,400,000 – 5,900,000 tons Copper.

Our Liquidity System (via Swiss Asian Resources) has been introduced which will provide the funds to the project, that will continue to grow the project in an independent way. Our Liquidity System was created to be able to generate money through the purchase and sale of mining exploration licenses that are in financial distress.

The Burn Program are the benefits from the Liquidity System (a minimum of 20%) that are taken to the Burning Program. This is nothing more than the purchase of Tokens from the market (from the crypto exchangers once the token is listed). These purchased tokens will be “burnt” which has the effect of increasing the co-ownership of those already in possession of BHM-Tokens.

Blue Hill Mining will continue to purchase more mining exploration licenses from the money generated by the Liquidity System. This in turn increase the underlying value of the BHM-Token and continue to increase the assets under the BHM-Token umbrella.

Blue Hill Mining has rights on scanning technology that is the world’s fastest indicators and most cost effective means of detecting resources and minerals deep within the earth’s crust. The idea is to prove the estimated reserves of each of the mining exploration licenses via additional drilling and then to sell or develop the continues increasing mining exploration licenses.

Our Blue Hill Mining Platform, we will develop a peer-to-peer service connecting mine-companies, smelters, logistic companies, banks and multinational companies cutting out the middlemen and locking up orders in the mining industry.

The ultimate goal and final stage of the life of the BHM-Token is the buyback plan, which is when the underlying value of the BHM-Token reaches its target value of US$30 per token. This can be achieved by the combination of the “Liquidity System” and “Burn Program” as they both complement each other, as the “Liquidity System” will continue to buy more and more mining exploration licenses that will continually increase the underlying value of the BHF-Token with time and the “Burning Program” will continue to burn BHM-Tokens, meaning that there will be less and less tokens with time, until eventually the underlying value per token reaches US$30.

The crypto exchanges will be chosen closer to the time outlined on the roadmap, as currently the security infrastructure and secondary market is limited. As the BHM-Token is a security will need to be listed on a regulated crypto exchangers, but the security infrastructure and secondary market is limited now. However, as the BHF-Token is a utility token it may be listed in the current crypto market.

The intention is for BHM-Token to be licensed under one of the Financial Market Authority. Date will be outlined in the roadmap.

BHM are digital asset-backed tokenized shares that are directly linked to the co-ownership of the Blue Hill Mining company. As Bitcoin is considered “programmable money”, BHM security tokens can be considered “programmable ownership”. The 140 million BHM tokens are equal to 700 million shares in the Blue Hill Mining company. Since each BHM token will be security tokens it will be going through the regulatory process that will link the shares to the tokens.

Although BHM is a long-term investment token that will continue to gain value over time, the short-term increases will be considerable, as the largest gains of the tokens are expected to be greater at first. The early stages include the additional drilling program that will start in Q2-2020, confirming the volumes of Gold, Copper Nickel and Cobalt within the target area and raising the Blue Hill Mining project to international standards. The longer-term gains will be supported by further geological investigations outside the target area (the remaining 90% of the Blue Hill Mine area, which covers a vast area of 134km2), discovering additional resource volumes including Tungsten, Yttrium and Ytterbium already identified, followed by a feasibility study and International audit reflecting on its true market value. The goal is to make a buyback via a stock market listing for US$30 per BHM token.

Blue Hill Mining aims to create sustainable growth by continuously building up a portfolio of additional mine projects, using part of the profits generated from liquidity system, the Blue Hill Platform and from the sale of the raw materials to the market, turning the BHM token into a scalable investment. A minimum of 20% of the profits generated from the liquidity system will be used to buy tokens from the market, thus each time there will be less tokens for an constantly increased underlying value of the assets. Therefore it is a question of “time” when the underlying value of the BHM-Tokens will reach an equivalent of US$30 Token. Token holders not wanting to wait for this common goal can exit any time by selling their tokens on the crypto exchange(s). The value of Blue Hill Mine will be validated and audited by one of the top auditing companies - PWC, KPMG, EY or Deloitte -known as the “Big Four Accounting Firms” from Q4-2021 onwards and made publicly available on the Blue Hill Mining website (, providing tokens holders with an indication of the underlying value every quarter.

Blue Hill Foundation is a Dutch Stichting (Foundation) that initiated the Blue Hill Mining project. The sole purpose of Blue Hill Foundation is to hold the ownership of mining exploration licenses and the issue of the BHF utility token. Blue Hill Foundation is owned by private equity partners.