Dear member of the BHF-Token holders’ community:

We want to inform you that from today, Blue Hill Mining Project will stop offering its services to the public and will terminate its activity as well as its obligations and rights in the project, by the decision of the token holders.

For reasons of high interest in the investment market, we were offered to transfer the direction and future of the crypto project from Blue Hill Mining to new hands. On the other hand, it is also true that we are forced to make this choice not only because of a difference in our primary objective (mining activity and the crypto project as a way of financing it) but also because we have been victims of harassment and excessive cruelty on the part of individuals who did not know how to value and understand the vision of the project.

This implied the loss of important people from the team as well as important brand agreements and alliances that had been achieved for the benefit of all of the token holders. This led, among other things, to significantly increase the difficulty of reaching our goal of developing and issuing a security token as it was projected from the beginning.

After all of this, not being able to fulfill the achievement of the Issuance of a Security Token but always working for this; we were offered to co-participate in a DeFi model for Blue Hill Mining due to the high interest of the market into the mining licenses business model as a long term project.

As we don’t desire to continue working inside the Crypto world but to continue with our mining industry projects and investments; is that with the result of the 2nd Voting in hand we understand the community’s decision of pursuing a DeFi model.

This means the end of our road together and the end of the Blue Hill Mining Project as known; for we developed the Crypto environment in order to get the necessary funds for the exploration and consecutive exploitation or selling of the mining licenses of the Dynamic Portfolio.

Having all of these in consideration, we want to thank you for the trust you have placed in us throughout this time and we deeply appreciate having counted on you to celebrate our various achievements while the Blue Hill Mining Project:

A- Issuing and distribution of the utility BHF-Token. Listing on a 1st exchanger.

B- Development and growth of a mining licenses portfolio called Blue Hill Mines Dynamic Portfolio.

C- Reduction of the exploration costs via several agreements, among exploration technology and mining licenses provision.

D- Development of the Blue Hill Platform, while the execution of two Democratic votings for the token holders to decide on key steps of the project.

E- Execution of a high GWEI and GAS counter plan via changes inside the Smart Contract’s code.

Although the project has reached its final point; there are still several points of information that might be useful for the token holders community. In order to continue providing this information and support for the community, we have agreed with Mines&Brokers about the continuation of our support service and our telegram channel until the final Swap to the DeFi M&B token has been completed.

We are proud of the road we’ve made together and we honestly thank you for having been an important part of that journey. Receive a warm hug and our wish of success on your chosen direction.


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