On the path of the Blue Hill Mining Project, we have advanced in a successful and solid way taking the best decisions on behalf of the tokens holders and giving token holders the decision to vote.

Our community of token holders has participated in 2 democratic votes via BlockChain. The 1st has resulted in the issuance and listing of the BHF- Token. The 2nd has resulted in the direction of a DeFi token.

We have put this proposal to a vote since all the bases of the project continue as they have been raised but the direction towards a Security Token has been put into consideration against a DeFi token.

The token holders have voted in a large majority for a DeFi token direction replacing Blue Hill Mining for Mines & Brokers. Mines & Brokers is the brand that has been generated to take over the project from Blue Hill Mining and shape the new DeFi model.

Mines & Brokers have proposed to acquire all of the BHF-Tokens from the Blue Hill Mining Project and take over the initial direction of the Crypto Roadmap for the concession of a decentralized community where the BHF-Token holders can propose and decide based on certain general rules.

The management of the geological works carried out in the mining exploration mining roadmap as well as the publication of results and reports has passed into the hands of Swiss Asian Resources. Swiss Asian Resources has been our largest token holder, provider of mining licenses, manager of the portfolio of licenses, and the main connector with mining technology agreements to increase the results for the token holders.

Blue Hill Mining is no longer a token holder of BHF-Tokens and no longer has co-ownership of the mining exploration licenses. However, all sensitive and important documentation for token holders will continue to be published in the Blue Hill Platform and the Data Room until the 30th of August 2021. From the 31st of August 2021, Mines & Brokers will takeover all official communication such as the new corporate structure, proof of ownership, drilling results.

The final results of the voting can be found in the Blue Hill Platform for the token holders to read.


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