DeFi or Security, a token holders’ choice

The second Democratic Vote of the Blue Hill Mining Project has concluded. The DeFi model direction is the chosen one! In this voting proposed to the token-holders community, there were two options:

  • To continue with the Security Token model via Blue Hill Mining Project.
  • 2- To go into a decentralized model project with a DeFi token, giving the direction of the creation of this token (and the necessary platform to interact with it) to the ideologues who made the proposal, for which they have to become BHF-Token holders by acquiring the BHF-Tokens package in the hands of the Blue Hill Mining team. On the other hand, the management of the mining roadmap is transferred to Swiss Asian Resources.

Regarding this voting, and awaiting for the audit company to give a double check and final results, these are the preliminary results.

  • More than 200 people have submitted their votes .
  • The Defi token model has gotten the vast majority of votes.
  • More than 3.000.000 tokens have been used for voting

The results show us that the token holders have chosen to go with the second option in the DeFi token model.

We feel proud of the community we've created around our project, and we have started all the procedures to transmit the corporate powers to Swiss Asian Resources and the new ideologues of the decentralized project. The new model will be based on a company structure yet to publish and a new brand with a whole new vision, for which you’ll be communicated in time.

We have also started all the procedures to ensure the commitments of the project in this new token model, being the Buyback plan, burning program, and Crypto roadmap as well as Mining roadmap.

In this new direction that the token holders have voted, they will shape the future of the project via the number of tokens that each has in a fair and always democratic governance system. This way, the community will take hands to achieve what it wanted to see developed and will be rewarded with staked tokens as well. The more tokens you own, the more weight your vote will have in deciding what happens with this company.

As soon as we have the results from the audit company we will inform all of you about the next steps, and we will continue communicating all the news about the project until the new direction is shaped.


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