*Updated the 28th of December of 2020

A key factor for every project from any business or nature is and will always be the level of professionalism and expertise of its human resources. In order to have our results and our goals achieved, we have always counted with the advice and participation of the best possible members and partners both committed with the vision and objective and working with them back to back to cover all the needs and requirements planified and unplanified.

This commitment, expertise, experience and teamwork, have been the angular stone of our growth and development as brand and project from the idea to the actual situation, in less than two years since we presented this opportunity to the public.

That said, we can emphasize that the reasons why the Blue Hill Mining Project has been a success so far can be interpreted in different ways; and we propose one that includes a balance between objectives and achievements:

In the Blue Hill Mining Project we planned to be financed via the making of an STO (Security Token Offering) and the possibility and intention to launch into the public market with a fully regulated token, in order to get the necessary funds for exploring the Blue Hill Mines licenses. Long has gone and a lot has happened since this early stage of the project, and many have been the changes in the way.

Now we are proud of announcing that our project’s financial objective has been reached: the financial needs stipulated in the roadmap has been drastically reduced and achieved as a result of a new agreement that provides to Blue Hill Mining Project with a brand new scanning technology (via Swiss Asian Resources) which lowers the costs of exploration; as due to the BHF-Tokens allocation.

Moreover Swiss Asian Resources has come to be a key piece, as this brand was created in the beginning to run and execute the Liquidity System by buying and selling distressed mines in order to obtain benefits of it and supply these benefits to the project’s hard-cap. But over this activity that is still operative, Swiss Asian Resources became an important partner that has created its own mines portfolio, and has given to the Blue Hill Mining Project the possibility of the usage of the Scanning Technology service for the Blue Hill Mines portfolio.

Due to these improvements and this new organization we have had the best results expected: Our Hard Cap reduction and exploration costs reduction. The initial financial needs of our project were around 38 Million dollars initially. This number has drastically decreased to only 7 Million dollars, because:

  1. we need less money due to the Liquidity System funds
  2. the exploration costs reducing via Scanning Technology
  3. the funding for the completion of the Blue Hill Platform is moved to a further stage inside the roadmap, which demands so less investment for the project in this stage.

For these reasons we don’t need to tokenize the 30% of the initial mining licenses, and with only the 6,24% of the tokenized mine we cover the full amount of funding needed to develop the project. Plus this, the co-ownership of the future security tokens will become increased due to the reduction of the security token issuing from 700 million to 140 million; in which the relation between the number of future security tokens and the percentage of mine tokenized, gives more co-ownership for each future security token, from 0.0000000428% to a 0.0000000445% per security Token regarding Blue Hill Mines portfolio.

How has this been achieved?

It’s known that Swiss Asian Resources is a partner of our Blue Hill Mining Project, and also that one constant partner of ours has always been GWE Intech. Both Swiss Asian Resources and GWE Intech have acquired the full amount of BHF-Tokens in exchange for diverse benefits for the project.

From Swiss Asian Resources, Blue Hill Mining Project has acquired the 20% co-ownership of 2 new mining licenses (XV-017877 and XV-019281) to include in the future security token co-ownership, as well as the Scanning Technology Program to lower down the Blue Hill Mine exploration costs; and the 20% co-ownership of 2 new mining licenses (XV-020751 and XV-020817) in order to explore and sell for financial benefits for the Burning Program in exchange of a BHF-Tokens package.

GWE Intech has acquired all the remaining BHF-Tokens (until 140 million tokens via Swiss Asian Resources) demonstrating its trust and strong support to our Blue Hill Mining Project.

As usually happens with all the projects “yet to be”, these changes have been a result of different situations that involve a better and constantly updated knowledge of the market, the incorporation of new and better technology and mostly the changes and adaptation of the regulations that it implies; with the pros and cons of this. The Blue Hill Mining Project objectives have changed in consequence of finding a better and faster way of achieving the goals, and that’s why we are proud and happy of giving you the news that we have achieved our financial objective.


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