Blue Hill Mining Project, strong and real.

Blue Hill Mining Project has grown fast and strong, due to the trustful community of BHF-Token holders and our achievements together as a company. From these achievements, it’s fair to announce the following:

  1. Utility BHF-Token issued, distributed, and listed
  2. Mining roadmap development, with a Drilling Program active
  3. Blockchain Blue Hill Platform Phase 1 developed and working
  4. Voting with the community as part owners of the project realized
  5. Blue Hill Mines Dynamic Portfolio expanded with more licenses

This is our Project now, and this is what we are and we feel proud of this. It’s been a huge advance in so few years, and even though we have had different opinions and even defamatory intentions to both our project and our team; we have kept with the vision of this amazing merge of Blockchain and Mining Industry under the name of Blue Hill Mining Project.

In addition, the Project is backed by a strong assets’ portfolio and is thus definitely worth considering, for what we have been offered with a new direction. Up today, it was our interpretation of the project’s value that was keeping us motivated and moving forward. This belief in our vision wasn’t ignored by the market and the market players, for we have been contacted by some interested parties in participating in our vision jointly with you, the BHF-Token Holders.

From these conversations and discussions, there’s one in particular that has brought a different spotlight and an interesting perspective to the project.

An interested Investors group’s proposal for our vision

In our negotiations and legal jobs for our Second Token strategy, we have met several key players of the Blockchain industry. One of these entities is a group of potential investors that are interested in investing in our project and that are convinced about a new direction towards it.

We have so, written down a formal proposal structure from our conversations with the Investors’ group that starts off by talking about how they evaluate and see the Blue Hill Mining Project and what has led them to believe in the vision of the founders. It then talks about the goal they have for this investment and what they expect from it in terms of vision and objectives. In this proposal that we wrote with all the necessary details for you, is set clear their desire to continue conversations with us and talk more about potential meetings to go over this offer.

The goal of the project is to create an online decentralized platform that will be able to provide the opportunity for people to invest in various projects and generate passive income. As simple as it could sound, we have detailed the whole conversational process for you and our proposal of making a Voting for you to decide which direction are you willing to take for the promised Second Token, and by the hand of whom you prefer to do it.

We strongly believe that this is a game-changer in the Blue Hill Mining Project’s vision and it’s necessary for you to read, understand, and decided what you consider the best option; taking into account that we already believe that this opportunity is beneficial for all the parties involved.

You will find the links about the Investors’ proposal and the Terms and Conditions of the Voting in our Blue Hill Platform, in the Documents label.



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