The BHF-Token is our Utility token, created on the Ethereum network under the ERC-20 protocol. In this ecosystem, the utility of the BHF-Token is the access key to the Blue Hill Mining Project through the Blue Hill Platform, as the first of the two tokens that the Blue Hill Mining Project has aimed to issue.

What makes the BHF-Token unique?

What makes the Utility BHF-Token unique is the possibility of entering a mining exploration and exploitation project, either because you are part of the mining industry as a small or medium-sized company and you can enjoy the services and products that will be offered in the future in the Blue Hill Platform, or because you are a crypto investor who wants to participate in our second asset-backed token, which will be asset backed by the portfolio of mining licenses that the project manages into the Dynamic Portfolio and that will be offered exclusively on the Blue Hill Platform with a mandatory Buyback plan commitment of $30. To get an asset-backed token you will need a BHF-Token.

How do you participate in the Blue Hill Mining project?

Being a BHF-Token holder makes you a participant in the two basic pillars of the Blue Hill Mining project:

1) The Dynamic Portfolio.

Our Dynamic Portfolio called Blue Hill Mines, is where the greatest value of our project is found. These are shares of mining exploration and/or exploitation licenses,in a constant evolution as result of a thorouthful analysis and selection with the diverse tools that the company has acquired for the task. As these licenses are sold or exploited, we will acquire others to be able to contribute more value to the future asset-backed token.

2) The Blue Hill Platform.

Although we are now in the first phase of 4, the platform is designed as an environment where the traded minerals will be traceable. By using blockchain technology and relating to the key actors of the mining industry, we trust that our vision with this platform will become a turning point for the traditional way of mineral transactions and commerce nowadays.

Does the BHF-Token price reflect the value of the Blue Hill Mining Project?

To talk about the BHF-Token price, we need to understand it's utilities:

Our Utility BHF-Token has a defined utility, which is to allow access to different services and products that will be offered on the Blue Hill Platform in phases 2, 3 and 4 of its development.

This utility can be of direct interest in phases 3 and 4, if you are an entrepreneur in the mining industry or in phase 2, if you are a token holder that intends to acquire our future asset backed token on the platform.

That said, it should be noted that the price of the Utility BHF-Token reflects the perception of buyers / sellers regarding the use of the utility token on the platform, simplified, the supply-demand law of the crypto market. Currently the utility token market is going through a period of very marked fluctuations, reflecting the interpretations of investors (e.g. BAT, NEXO). But, it is important to clarify that the price of the Utility BHF-Token does not reflect the value of the project since it's value will be reflected in the backed token that will be issued secondly, and that will be audited (we intend it to be by one of the big four consulting ) to activate the mandatory Buyback plan at $ 30 per token.

Herein lies the most important difference between the knowledge that our token holders have that accompany us from the beginning understand of the mid and long term planification (and the value of the Buyback plan), versus that that the daily trades or buyers of crypto-currencies may have for the market price only.

In conclusion

Our Utility BHF-Token represents the conclusion of a first stage in the development of the Blue Hill Mining Project, being a solid proof of progress in our roadmap. Also, the BHF-Token is currently listed on the first exchange, as it was voted by our community token holders, where day by day it is part of the buying and selling circuit of the millionaire crypto market.

We hope this article helps us to explain the difference between the price of the Utility BHF-Token and the value of the project that will be reflected into the yet to come asset-backed token, as this latest one will be the one backed by the Dynamic Portfolio and with a mandatory Buyback plan.

Our mission and objective is to continue with the next stages of the Blue Hill Platform development, plus the development of the Dynamic Portfolio as the core base of the project's value for the time to come, aiming to the second token asset-backed to be issued.


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