Utility BHF-Token and the Secondary Market

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This article is aimed at providing information and data, both statistical and expectations, on the conduct and behavior of the cryptocurrencies market, in which our Utility BHF-Token will be in circulation. From now on you will find it named as "Secondary Market" which is the way in which we refer to the cryptocurrency market in which our Utility BHF-Token will be.

Possible behaviors that may occur in the secondary market.

Within the framework of the cryptocurrency market, particularly in utility token exchangers, we place our Utility BHF-Token. It is normal and natural that questions arise such as: What will happen to the token? What will its market value be? What will this value depend on? What will the listing price be? Along with other doubts of the style.

Due to the changing and free nature of the crypto market, we say that there is no way to control the markets itself and there is no way to reliably anticipate what will happen to the currencies offered there. In the same way, what can be measured or interpreted is the degree of demand compared to supply; in turn contrasted with market trends and the directions or evolutions that different technologies lead, the appearance of new product options, the updating of structures, etc.

All this together is what, in general, is usually analyzed in order to have a slightly more objective intuition about the future of a currency in the face of the previously stated doubts.

Taking precisely the case of our Utility BHF-Token:

We have an important peace of mind and that is that, no matter what happens to the price of the BHF-Token in the secondary market, this does not affect the project and its planning in any way.

This is because tokenization within the project has been an edge that we have generated with the desire to incur disruption within a traditional industry such as real mining, and thus grant the opportunity to participate in it to all interested. In the same way, we have been able to structure the project in an independent corporate and brand architecture that does not have its pressure and dependence on the fluctuation and subjective valuation that is made of the tokens that it generates, but on the objective and official evaluation that is made of its assets in the form of mining licenses (both exploration and exploitation).

Now, with this we can already deduce that there is a very important difference when we talk about VALUE and when we talk about PRICE of the utility BHF-Token in the secondary market.

Its VALUE is the subjective conception that is generated from the supply / demand at the interpretation level of:

- The project

- The structure

- The solidity

- Brand trust

- The mining industry

- The BHF-Token technology

- The interpretation of the future of the project

- The behavior of other complementary and / or substitute crypto currencies

- The regulation of each region regarding market access

- Economic / political behavior around exchangers

- Others

Having said that, the PRICE of the currency is a bit more objective data, from the perspective that it can be measured and verified, established and compared, taking criteria based on verified information and not on a subjective interpretation; but this being within the crypto currency market, we never arrive at pure objectivity or independent objective data. This is given by the condition that the secondary market for the Utility BHF-Token is in itself a market based on supply and demand, added to the subjective interpretation of these behaviors.

From the sum of these two variables, the purchase or sale actions are observed that end up granting on the one hand a conceptual or expectation VALUE to the currency, compared to a situational and momentary transaction PRICE that constantly varies.

Considering that the Utility BHF-Token is under Ethereum's ERC20 protocol, we can show the graph of three tokens that are in the same ERC20 environment.

Each token has a different behavior as can be seen in the graphs.

These are the possible scenarios with the behavior of the Token in the secondary market.

1.- Down . This case could occur if a large number of people or a person with a large number of tokens decides to sell their tokens, in that case the price of the token will go down and can be recovered in the event that there are people who want to take advantage to buy more tokens at a lower price than the starting price.

2.- Same . This case may occur if there is not a large purchase or sale of Tokens.

3.- Rise . This case may occur if there is a large demand for the purchase of Tokens, the price would go up, in which case it can be expected that Token holders want to sell to see the price of the Token rise.

In any of the scenarios, we want to inquire that it does not affect the project, since the financing is completed. Since the Utility Token is really just the key to access the project and the dynamic portfolio of mining licenses, and one of the benefits of buying the tokens in the secondary market is to be able to involve people who did not have access at the time and can now participate in the project.


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