As you well know, tomorrow is the last day to vote on the listing of our Utility BHF-Token or our future Security Token until 23:59 UTC. In order to carry out this decision, we have made available to all of you the legal opinion we have on both types of token, as well as an explanation in different articles about the progress of the project, our planning and our objectives with the Blue Hill Platform and its Utility BHF-Token and the future Security Token together with the Blue Hill Mines Dynamic Portfolio.

The Voting result at the moment of writing this article, is:

  • Number of votes in favor of the Utility BHF-Token: 1897342
  • Number of votes in favor of the Security Token: 32142

We are very happy to have been one of the first companies to democratize such an important decision, giving rise to the community of token holders to be the ones who decide on their authority and actively participate in the project. This is the trust and vision that we have of both our project and the use of Blockchain technology.

We recall that voting has not been mandatory, and that we have managed to complete a challenge not only for the project itself, but also in the face of the situation that the blockchain market is experiencing with the situation of the GAS of the Ethereum network, which impacts directly on our platform.

In view of the potential result in favor of the listing of the Utility BHF-Token, we will work from today to close an agreement to list the token in an appropriate exchange.


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