How, when and for what will the voting take place?

1) The voting question:

Which Token do you prefer the Blue Hill Mining Project to list

2) The voting options:

Option a) present BHF-Token.

Option b) future Security-Token.

3) The voting time:

Open: December the 9th of 2020.

Closing: January the 9th of 2021 at 22:59 CET

4) The voting process:

Instructions: All initial Token Holder (including Blue Hill Foundation Token holder) will be informed within the next 24 hours about the Blue Hill Platform connection instructions and voting instructions, at the e-mail with which they acquired the BHF-Tokens.

To Login/ To Register: You can’t login if you are not registered. If you have to receive BHF-Tokens in the Blue Hill Platform before January 21st of 2021, then you need to register on it with a code. To do so, you need to fill the Sign Up formulary and put the code on.

How to get a code?: If you are an initial token holder (included Blue Hill Foundation) you’ll get the code at your email. If you are not an initial token holder, please contact to ask for your code from your BHF-Tokens provider.

Why is the code “optional”: If you will get BHF-Tokens from a third party after January 22nd of 2021, you won’t need a registering code.

To check your BHF-Tokens: Inside the Blue Hill Platform, once logged in, in the section “BHF-Tokens”

To Vote: Inside the Blue Hill Platform, once logged in, in the section “Voting” and then clicking the poll to participate on. In this case, the poll is “Which Token do you prefer the Blue Hill Mining Project to list?”.

Once inside, you will have the option to Vote for and you can see in the counter, the amount of BHF-Tokens you will add with your Voting.

Voting Fee: As the voting implies a smart contract transaction, the moment you click on the Vote button, the MetaMask (or your Web3.0 provider) will popup. In order to execute the voting you will have to pay the ethereum fee for the transaction. Remember you can vote just once, and you will vote with the total amount of BHF-Tokens available at the moment.

Useful Information:

  • You need to have Metamask (or your Web3.0 provider) Installed to get access to the Blue Hill Platform, in order to link it to your Blue Hill Platform account.
  • Two Legal Opinions will be available to read at the Blue Hill Platform, and we strongly advise you to read them once published.
  • You can count with our support team and/or our official website information to solve your doubts.
  • In different sections of the Blue Hill Platform you will find questions and answers of each section’s main topic for your better understanding.

5) The voting outcome:

The outcome of the vote will be published after the closing date finishes. Votes will be then counted, as part of the process already programmed into the Smart Contract. Therefore, the voting result will be stored, transparent and traceable on the blockchain.

It will be known how many addresses have voted, but not to which option have voted. Also will be known how many votes have been casted, and to which option. The result will be published both in the Blue Hill Mining Project official website and the Blue Hill Platform.

6) Who can and who cannot vote?

Voting is not compulsory but in case of voting, once the vote is cast it cannot be changed. Also, you can only vote once with the total number of votes available at the time of voting, two different votes cannot be cast from the same address.

The actual token holders at the moment of the voting are the only ones who can exercise their vote (being one vote per token). However, the Blue Hill Mining corporate team tokens will not be able to vote. In the same way, the last batch of tokens belonging to Swiss Asian Resources will not be able to vote so that a single holder does not influence the vote in their favor. The tokens that will not be able to participate in the vote are 59,139,471 million tokens, out of the total 140 million.


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