Our 1st Voting is here! Along with our Blue Hill Platform release.

We are glad to inform you that on December the 9th our Blue Hill Platform will be released and online for all our token holders. After all the tests, checking and configuration controls, we are grateful for your understanding and support, and so we know you'll share our excitement for this news.

With this goal achieved, we complete the 1st stage of the Blue Hill Platform Development, as our tokens have already been distributed among the correspondent owners and now they'll have their first mission for our tokens holders; to proceed with the 1st voting: listing of the utility or security token on exchangers.

As a memory note, these are the Blue Hill Platform Development stages:

  • 1st stage: Utility BHF-Token Issuing and distribution
  • 2nd stage: Security-Token Issuing and distribution
  • 3rd stage: Traceability development
  • 4th stage: Trading development

The 1st voting, a fully democratic decision for our token holders

As you already know, the new characteristics and utilities of the BHF-Token within the Blue Hill Platform give it a new status and make it interesting for creating demand in the platform and the market. It’s a new configuration, making the BHF-Token a brand new utility token, and allowing it to be listed on crypto markets.

For this reason, we will give the opportunity to our token holders to vote between the listing of the BHF-Token or the Security-Token.

This way, we are committed with our token holders to take their opinion and decision in account for our future, by granting them a transparent and democratic way of taking a decision for the project and its possibilities.

What does listing a token involve?

The Listing of a token involves a great cost. The cost of a suitable exchange can be very expensive as well as the marketing involved in conjunction with the token. The decision of listing a token on a suitable exchange is important to all our token-holders.

Among the general benefits of listing a token are two particularly important ones:

1- The ability of the token holder to be able to trade their tokens in a secondary market, having full freedom to buy, sell, or hold their token in their portfolio.

2- The possibility to trade 24/7 within the exchange.

The vote will lead to either listing the present BHF-Token or listing the future Security-Token regardless of whether they are both issued by the Blue Hill Mining Project in the Blue Hill Platform as announced.

How will the voting take place?

1) The voting question:

Which Token do you prefer the Blue Hill Mining Project to list, the present BHF-Token, or the future Security-Token?

2) The voting options:

Option a) present BHF-Token.

Option b) future Security-Token.

3) The voting time:

Open: December the 9th.

Closing: January the 9th.

The outcome of the vote will be published after the closing date finishes. Votes will be then counted, as part of the process already programmed into the Smart Contract. Therefore, the voting result will be stored, transparent and traceable on the blockchain.

* Voting is not compulsory but in case of voting, once the vote is cast it cannot be changed. Also, you can only vote once with the total number of votes available at the time of voting, two different votes cannot be cast from the same address.

Who can and who cannot vote?

The actual token holders at the moment of the voting are the only ones who can exercise their vote (being one vote per token). However, the Blue Hill Mining corporate team tokens will not be able to vote. In the same way, the last batch of tokens belonging to Swiss Asian Resources will not be able to vote so that a single holder does not influence the vote in their favor. The tokens that will not be able to participate in the vote are 59,139,471 million tokens, out of the total 140 million.


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