Blue Hill Mines, Dynamic Portfolio Roadmap

As we already shared with you before, from the Blue Hill Mining Project we are working on building and solidifying our Dynamic Portfolio. For this reason, we have already set up the complete roadmap to be followed for each mining license of our Blue Hill Mines Dynamic Portfolio.

The Dynamic Portfolio roadmap will consist of two general stages, one before the mining exploration actions and the second while exploring and analyzing the results. In both stages, we will have Documents and Reports from the works in the field. After the reception and feedback on these reports, we will proceed to share them with you via our official website or the Blue Hill Mining Project blog as well.

Here below you’ll find the sequence of steps considered into each stage of the general roadmap. All the licenses of the Blue Hill Mines portfolio will go through all or some of these steps, depending on the potential benefits that they would grant for the Dynamic Portfolio.

All of these steps and stages are taken into consideration for minimizing the risks and enhancing the value of the Dynamic Portfolio as the main asset of the Blue Hill Mining Project.

Stage 1: Before the exploration of the licenses

Geological report: from which we will obtain the following information

  • License area, location, maps.
  • Information on license area from the national archive.
  • Any USSR reports.
  • On site mineral sampling.
  • Laboratory analysis of the mineral samplings.

Due Diligence Report on the Validity and Enforceability of Exploration Licenses: from which we will obtain the following information

  • Status of the Mining exploration license.
  • Status of the Company.
  • Investigation of the Exploration License.
  • Matters Relating to Exploration Work.
  • Matters Relating to Environmental Protection.
  • Legal Recommendation.
  • Further Information Concerning with Exploitation License.
  • Requirements of an Exploitation License.
  • Land Use, Water Use, Foreign Employees and Other Issues.

Stage 2: During and after the mining exploration

  • Geochemical mapping.
  • Geological mineral sampling.
  • Electrical Exploration Survey.
  • Magnetic Exploration Survey.

  • On site infrastructure and preparation (Building of camps site, amenities, catering, vehicles and energy and water facilities).
  • Drillings according to International Standards.
  • Core drilling analysis according to International Standards.

  • Appraisal report according to International Standards.
  • Tender documents for the selling of the mine and/or tender documents of exploitation of the mine.

Updates on the Dynamic Portfolio

We have news related to the Dynamic Portfolio mining licenses that we recently acquired in March of this year. For the four of them, we have already solicited both steps of the Stage 1, consisting of a “Geological Report” of each mining license and a “Due Diligence Report” for each one as well.

Remember that all of these actions are gonna be taken on each mining license, always depending on the general roadmap and the benefit for the Blue Hill Mining Project business model. On behalf of receiving them soon, we will publish the results in our official website and/or our official blog; communicating it also via our official social networks. The same way, we will go deeper into each stage and communicate it also in our official channels.


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