How we became a Dynamic Portfolio Model for the Blue Hill Mines.

 Blue Hill Mines Dynamic Portfolio

Our Blue Hill Mines Portfolio is a variable folder of mining licenses for exploration or exploitation that enables our Scalability System, and finally our BuyBack Plan. The fact that we can take in and out the mining licenses through our Liquidity System gives it the characteristic of Dynamic, and here lays our project’s strength as we can build the puzzle in the best way possible minimizing the industry risks helped by the Scanning Program.

By having our value assets in constant analysis and upgrade, we will filter and select the most profitable licenses for our business model at Blue Hill Mining Project.

How did we achieve this?

The Blue Hill Mining Project began with the acquisition of two mining licenses, and today we own a portfolio of more than 6 exploration licenses and an exploitation work on the horizon for next year. In order to achieve this, we understood that there are three fundamental topics in our project:

  1. Strategic alliances with suppliers.
  2. Minimize risks between the potential and actual value of licenses.
  3. Ability to react commercially to opportunities to buy and sell licenses.

Adjusting these three topics to our business model, we have a solid line of supply chain for our Blue Hill Mines portfolio, with main activities and duties as:

  1. Direct access to license acquisition opportunities.
  2. Bureaucratic and legal licenses management services
  3. Variety of licenses in order to diversify and minimize investment risks.
  4. A confirmation technology that allows our Scanning Program to verify the richness of the soil beyond using the standardized methods of the industry such as the Archives National and the archives of the USSR, topological and laboratory studies, among others.

The daily obstacles of the industry

To succeed this way in the mining industry, as a project we have obstacles to overcome as tools to do it. Our main tool is the development of a competitive advantage, the partnership with Swiss Asian Resources as a key provider to get into the Mining Industry Market, acquire and sell mining licenses.

This Competitive Advantages comes in hand with other positive tools. We are talking about the right knowledge and advise of the necessary documentation to advance in the project. Documents in general and in specific, as the studies and analyzes needed to be done in the soil, the samples of the minerals, the geological progression, etc.

In combination with the USSR reports and the National Archives, we are able to estimate the quantity and or quality of the minerals that might be present in the soil. For this last step of verification, is that we count with the agreement of Swiss Asian Resources to provide us with an enhanced technology to improve the geological analysis, and it’s what we all know as the Scanning Program.

By following this process, and by reacting efficiently to the opportunities of the market, we manage to deal with the natural risks of the industry, minimizing the risks present in every investing activity.

What will we achieve?

At the day of today, we are able to meet our objective of developing a portfolio of mining licenses exploration, at a minimum acquisition cost, in order to decide based on the required studies whether to acquire exploitation licenses and/or exploitation licenses, or sell them for potentially better ones.

This Rapid Adaptation model is what gives our Blue Hill Mines portfolio the character of a Dynamic Portfolio, as it is constantly evolving and moving, constantly changing and adapting; and will give us the expected results to achieve the Buyback Plan proposed at the beginning of the project, where the underlying value of the future Security Token will correspond to the value of the company's shares, in whose central asset will be the Dynamic Portfolio of Blue Hill Mines and the Blue Hill Platform.

We have before us a business model designed for the task, fully assembled to comply with the Buyback Plan, resilient and adaptive, evolving and scalable. This is the guarantee of our work, this is the team of professionals and allies together with partners and suppliers so that Blue Hill Mining Project has its form and its method. This is the beginning of the ultimate success of our vision.


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