We are confident that the news and the progress of the project that have been achieved to date are very inspiring and at the same time a consistent proof that we learn about the journey, based on the experience we contribute on a daily basis, both in internal and external.

Now, these advances are the product of multiple contributions and multiple actions that often remain out of public knowledge, not because of an intention of the company or the project not to make them visible but because sometimes the information structure leaves a less relevant place for certain facts.

This is where we place ourselves in this article since from Blue Hill Mining Project, especially from our CEO Dr. Kurt Becker, we want to express our gratitude to Israel Guerrero for having given us the opportunity to count on his expertise and his professional work as Brand Speaker of the project to this current stage.

In this year that Israel Guerrero has participated in Blue Hill Mining as Brand Speaker, we have managed to expand the frontiers of knowledge about our project and make ourselves known to different very interesting sectors, which has impacted on our progress both for the adaptation of the project and for the market's interpretation of our value proposition.

It is worth highlighting within this participation in public relations, the trips made by Israel Guerrero on behalf of Blue Hill Mining Project as a corporate mission to:

● Bogotá
● Medellín
● Hong Kong
● Kampala

as well as the events:

Criptolatinfest 2019
LA Conexion 2019
121 Tech Investment Hong Kong 2019
Africa Blockchain 2019

Having been able to work together has allowed us to achieve our objectives and goals of making our project known to the world in different areas and markets that are of interest to the corporate plan. For this reason, we want to wish Israel Guerrero success (especially from our CEO Dr. Kurt Becker) in his future projects and express our gratitude for his contribution in establishing institutional and public links between the markets and the Blue Hill Mining Project, which is located in a very advanced stage partly thanks to their work, and from which we hope to continue growing until we reach our final goal.


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