Blue Hill Mining Project, led by Dr. Kurt Becker, has been a tokenization project whose vision has been to unify the traditional mining industry with the revolutionary technological trend of the Blockchain.

Just as Dr. Kurt Becker has been able to lead and guide the team of engineers and analysts of the Blue Hill Mining Project, given his extensive and remarkable experience in the macro resource industries in Europe, there are several brands that have provided specialized services for the realization of project milestones.

One of these important brands is BlockImpulse, a consulting, training and solution development company based on blockchain technology for the business and industrial sector. Founded in July 2018 by three partners, a model was created to be serious, critical and aware of how to land this novel technology, in addition to encompassing the legal and business environment.

Among his projects we find the cases of GENESIS 4.0: Own application of traceability based on Blockchain. Applicable to many business sectors; TCC Investments: Project of tokenization and traceability of assets such as Caobas and Cacao in the Dominican Republic; and Cladding Prices: Ventilated facade systems platform with online calculator and payments through Blockchain.

Its CEO Carlos Callejo, co-author of the book "Cryptocurrencies for Dummies" published by Grupo Planeta seeking to bring technology closer to everyone, is the directive voice of BlockImpulse and the strategic piece of the approach to the projects in question.

Just as some time ago we held a small question and answer session with our CEO Dr. Kurt Becker about the benefits of the Blue Hill Mining Project, its implications, objectives and modus operandi; is that with the intention of increasingly informing our token-holders this time we decided to have a direct and timely approach with Carlos Callejo on issues that concern the Blockchain industry and the Blue Hill Mining Project. From this interaction we have obtained substantial and truly clarifying information about our proposal, respecting the objectivity of an external validator such as Carlos Callejo and BlockImpulse as their service brand.

BHM: Carlos, regarding our utility token within the current business model and against the Blue Hill Mining Project roadmap, what strengths do you detect in the definitive Token-BHF Smart Contract?

CC: Right now the BHF token contract is more complete, allowing new methods that make us more agile in terms of its control. We are more efficient and faster in your transactions and in opening user accounts within the platform. In addition, all the tokens will be in the same wallet from where we will control those assigned to each user in a public and transparent way.

BHM: And regarding the present of the industry, could you explain to us what is the reason for the rise in the price of GAS in Ethereum?

CC: The changes in the BHF token contract are produced by the increase in GAS due to the DeFI movement in recent months and that until the new update of the ETH protocol, it will not be possible to determine its decrease in price. Many projects generate less interest than directly what the GAS cost of a simple transaction entails, therefore, we are seeing a slope where the cost of GAS is a priority.

BHM: 3: For our Blue Hill mining project and specifically with the problem of the GAS price for the Token-BHF, why do you think it is a good idea to continue with the blockchain technology that Ethereum offers?

CC: We have “reinvented” the project in this sense, making it more scalable and more efficient to be able to support the infrastructure in ETH. We think that it is the best network for this project since its token standards are the most used if you think about having a relationship outside with the different exchanges. Nor should we forget that this ecosystem provides us with many tools and applications where we can use the token in a friendly and simple way.

BHM: 4: What solutions are being contemplated in the market regarding Smart Contracts in Ethereum?

CC: Before the cost of GAS was not a problem at the development level. For about 4 months, it has been the main focus of innovation in different aspects to continue creating safe, transparent applications, and above all, efficient for the user. It is thought that with the arrival of the ETH protocol update to 2.0, gas would not be a problem, but we do not know when it will arrive or what complications it may entail.

BHM: 5: Will similar problems happen with other blockchain-based technologies?

All blockchain technology has its three pillars: decentralization, security and efficiency. If a blockchain is more efficient, it usually entails less decentralization and less security, and thus, with the different parameters. It is impossible to be good at everything. In this case, if we use smart contracts and programmable money, ETH is still the most used in developments. There are other options but without having such a worked ecosystem, with so many opportunities and the security that this network provides.

We have seen how, for example, Bitcoin has scalability problems in terms of the time it takes to process payments, solutions are also being sought for this, but instead, security is beyond doubt.

BHM: 6: How did the solution for the case of our Token-BHF come about?

CC: We had to rethink the project since the change in structure entails changes in the platform, both in the backend (internal functioning) and in the frontend (what is visible to the user). We had several options, but in the end the most efficient solution for the platform and the most user-friendly was reached. Basically, before each user had a wallet within the platform with their assigned tokens and, now, there is the same wallet that controls all user tokens and manages them by ID (identification). The operation for the user is the same, but we are faster to open an account, cheaper to transfer tokens within the platform and you can see the distribution of that wallet to the different users in a public and transparent way as if were different wallets.

In conclusion, from Blue Hill Mining Project we believe that the first-hand contribution of a leading professional in the field such as Carlos Callejo, is substantially important for the information and understanding of our token holders about the progress of the project, the difficulties of the market and the proposed solutions.

Given the current situation and with the confidence that comes from having a specialized service from BlockImpulse, we are sure that progress will be feasible shortly, as well as we will be able to advance in the face of future complications that the market may present again in its constant evolution. Herein lies our ability to react with variations in strategy, always increasing the final profit for our token holders.


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