The crypto currenc world in general has suffered several changes due to the pandemic. In the case of Ethereum, because of the usage of this cryptocurrency the world of cryptocurrenc in general has undergone abrupt changes . In the case of Ethereum, due to the increasingly frequent use of this cryptocurrency, lead to an increase in transactions(execution of smartcontracts, queries, market transactions, etc.), there has been an increase in the price (GAS) affecting countless users and companies. The situation has been so important and urgent that Ethereum developers have had to look for solutions for their projects and thus cushion the rise in the price of GAS. The current situation with this cost in Ethereum is not usual or expected, but it is one of the risks and challenges that the blockchain industry presents in its constant evolution.

It is a good time to remember why we decided to base our project on the Ethereum blockchain technology, listing some of the main reasons:

- Because it allows the creation of SmartContracts that run automatically, without the need for third-party validation, thus having less dependence on external factors and speeding up the processes in question for our token-holders.

- For its real transparency, allowing each token-holder to access and verify the terms of the contract.

- Because it is an international standard, with which we can list our tokens on multiple platforms, opening future doors for our token-holders and the crypto-market.

- Because it allows a wide range of applications, from wallets to any decentralized application. This will allow a greater freedom of action for our token holders.

Being directly affected by using Ethereum technology, and with the Blue Hill Platform about to be deployed, we are not oblivious to the current situation and this impacts us on our roadmap regarding how to continue and what steps to take to continue moving forward. Above all to specify the deployment of the platform and the distribution of the BHF-Tokens; without forgetting the voting proposed and pending to be carried out among our token-holders. For this reason, we have dedicated ourselves to the task of correcting the situation from our capabilities and with our resources, rather than waiting for the industry or Ethereum itself to provide an alternative.

From the joint work of our developers and the Blue Hill Platform development team, we believe that we have achieved a way to advance as planned, applying certain changes to the configuration of our smart contracts and thus achieving an execution of its logical structure of a less data-dense mode (debugging the code as well as possible without affecting its intended intentions and tasks). This will result in a lower transfer rate for smartcontract in the network, waiting for the industry and the particular solutions of each interested party to have a positive impact to reverse this growing trend of GAS.

Difficulties are what make us grow, and these have brought positive changes to the logical structure of smart contract and the Blue Hill Platform. We will share the progress to keep you informed. After this stage of adjustments, when they have already been made and go through the audit, we will continue with the deployment of the Blue Hill Platform and the distribution of the BHF-Tokens in order to proceed with the voting process.


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