The mining industry, is sometimes complex and vertiginous, due to the quantity and topology of brands interfering, the different laws upon the projects and the number of small and big processes needed to take every step leading the companies to their objectives. One of these companies is Blue Hill Foundation, part of the Blue Hill Mining Project (see Blue Hill Mining Project) and co-coordinator of the Blue Hill Mine besides co-owner (see Blue Hill Mine). For such a considerable project this ecosystem are rarely alone in their journey. Alliances and partnerships are usual for such participations, each brand creating a specific task within the objectives of the project.

Blue Hill Foundation had the plan of using the distressed mines to either explore and exploit or sell them; acquiring like this the liquidity needed to boost the project is a faster way to achieve its overall goal. In order to do so, and having none strategic partner that could make this happen by having the licenses and the permits from the different bureaucratic stages, Blue Hill Foundation decided to go one step further and create its own strategic partner (called Swiss Asian Resources), giving it the right and mission of accompanying the project and its purpose. From this decision is that we finally saw the existence of Swiss Asian Resources (a Hong Kong and Singapore holding) brand within the Blue Hill Foundation’s company structure. Swiss Asian Resources is solely responsible for running and executing the Liquidity System (buying and selling mining exploration licenses and distressed mines), which assists Blue Hill Mining Project in achieving its hard cap. The Brand was created to manage the Liquidity System in an ordered and clean way, by buying and selling its mining exploration licenses separately from Blue Hill Mining Project, and with the proper alliances and agreements to do so.

With the usage of an edge-top Scanning Technology, Swiss Asian Resources will be able to reduce the costs and speed up the exploration process of the mining exploration licenses. Swiss Asian Resources has a portfolio of mining exploration licenses such as the 8,865 hectare Nickel, Cobalt and Manganese license number XV-017877, the 1,318 hectare Gold and Zinc license number XV-019281 and the combined 4,660 hectares Gold & Copper license numbers XV-020817, XV-020751 and XV-017894, some of which are part of the Liquidity System.