The Blue Hill Mining Project

Our mission The BHM security Token to be is directly linked to shares of the Blue Hill Mining company which has an increasing number of mining exploration licenses. A maximum of 140,000,000 tokens will be minted that are directly linked to Blue Hill Mining company ( limited to 700,000,000 shares). This means that 1 BHM-Tokens = 5 shares of Blue Hill Mining company). The ecosystem has its own Liquidity System that provides funding to continue to grow the project in an independent way, as different activities within the structure to help to achieve it’s vision such as: The Exploration and Exploitation of its selected mining licenses, the development of a trading platform for the industry called Blue Hill Platform, as well as the Burning Program which will burn the Tokens in the market by acquiring them.The ultimate goal and final stage of the life of the BHM-Token is the buyback plan, which is when the underlying value of the BHM-Token reaches its target value of US$30 per token. This can be achieved by the combination of the “Liquidity System” and “Burn Program” as they both complement each other, as the “Liquidity System” will continue to buy more and more mining exploration licenses that will continually increase the underlying value of the BHF-Token with time and the “Burning Program” will continue to burn BHM-Tokens, meaning that there will be less and less tokens with time, until eventually the underlying value per token reaches US$30.

Our vision is the activation of our Buy-back plan (2022) through the “Blue Hill Mines” being listed on the Stock Market specialized in mines. In addition our vision for the "Blue Hill Platform" is to be fully functional and operational; with materials being ethically sourced, traced and fairly priced for small and medium-sized mining entrepreneurs and all within an environment conducive to all those involved in the industry: mining companies, smelters, banks and Multinational Companies.

Blue Hill Mines - Dynamic Portfolio

Google Earth image Blue Mining project

Blue Hill Mines are a real mines concession numbers: XV-014307, XV-014308, XV-020817, XV-020751, XV-017877 and XV-019281

The joint mining exploration licenses have a combines surface area of over one and a half times the entire size of the country of Liechtenstein and forecasted to have one of the largest copper reserves in Asia. With an exceptional location in south Mongolia between the two industrial giants of China and Russia. Mongolia is home to some of the largest mines in the world such as Erdenet Mine and the Neighbouring mine Turquoise Hill. Turquoise hill alone accounts for more than 30% of Mongolia’s GDP with revenues of US$939.8 million in 2017

General exploration works for all mining licenses owned by Blue Hill Mining Project
  1. Geochemical mapping (define high potential zones).
  2. Geological mineral sampling.
  3. Electrical Exploration Survey.
  4. Magnetic Exploration Survey.
  5. Drillings according to International Standards.
  6. On site infrastructure and preparation (Building of camps site, amenities, catering, vehicles and energy and water facilities).
  7. Core analysis according to International Standards.
  8. Geological report for the mining Authorities.
  9. Appraisal report according to International Standards.
  10. Tender documents for the selling of the mine and/or tender documents of exploitation of the mine.

Blue Hill Platform

Blue Hill Platform will implement blockchain technology to develop a peer to peer service connecting mine-companies, smelters, logistic companies, banks and multinational companies. We intend to create this platform similar to the two giants, Glencore and Vale, which represented approximately US$205 billion and US$34 billion of annual revenue in 2017. Blockchain technology will enable Blue Hill Platform to offer certified, ethically sourced, fair-trade raw materials and concentrates by showing where the raw materials were mined and how they were transported which is currently still ineffective and opaque in the traditional way.

Blue Hill Mining Platform

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BHM-Tokens Characteristics?

Asset Backed

The BHM security tokens to be are linked to shares of the Blue Hill Mining company. A maximum of 140,000,000 tokens will be minted that are directly linked to Blue Hill Mining company (limited to 700,000,000 shares). This means that 1 BHM-Tokens = 5 shares of Blue Hill Mining company. The burning program with further enhance this ratio.

Security Token

Security tokens are digital assets that work as traditional securities, Security tokens hold legal rights to the investors and represent a share/equity in said company. Security tokens are regulated to protect the investor.

Licensed Token

The intention is for BHM-Tokens to be Fully Licensed under a Financial Market Supervisory Authority and thereafter intended to be licensed under further compliant regulatory bodies.

How are Token Holders Rewarded?


Our Liquidity System (via Swiss Asian Resources) has been introduced which will provide the funds to the project, that will continue to grow the project in an independent way. Our Liquidity System was created to be able to generate money through the purchase and sale of mining exploration licenses that are in financial distress.


The Burn Program are the benefits from the Liquidity System (a minimum of 20%) that are taken to the Burning Program. This is nothing more than the purchase of Tokens from the market (from the crypto exchangers once the token is listed). These purchased tokens will be “burnt” which has the effect of increasing the co-ownership of those already in possession of BHM-Tokens.


Blue Hill Mining will continue to purchase more mining exploration licenses from the money generated by the Liquidity System. This in turn increase the underlying value of the BHM-Token and continue to increase the assets under the BHM-Token umbrella.

Fast Facts on Blue Hill Mining Token and Project

Blue Hill Mining has rights on scanning technology that is the world’s fastest indicators and most cost effective means of detecting resources and minerals deep within the earth’s crust. The idea is to prove the estimated reserves of each of the mining exploration licenses via additional drilling and then to sell or develop the continues increasing mining exploration licenses.


Through our Blue Hill Mining Platform, we will develop a peer-to-peer service connecting mine-companies, smelters, logistic companies, banks and multinational companies cutting out the middlemen and locking up orders in the mining industry.


The objective of the Liquidity System and the Burning Program is the Buyback Plan which is the final stage of the life of the BHM-Token. This is when the underlying value of the BHM-Tokens reaches $30 per BHM-Token.

Token Distribution

Total BHF tokens

140 million (100%)





Co-owner of the Blue Hill Mining Project

Advisors / Providers

Swiss Asian Resources

Key player in mining licenses management for acquisition and selling. Originally part of the Blue Hill Mining Project company structure, is today an independent brand with a Mining Operations and Bureaucratic Management service, with a very strong coworking agreement for the Blue Hill Mining Project.

GWE Intech

Believing and trusting in the Blue Hill Mining Project, acquires several BHF-Tokens packages of tokens from Swiss Asian Resources and becomes a partner advisor for the Blue Hill Mining Project in its Blockchain application.


As we all learned from the GAS situation, it’s extremely important for the days to come, to count with constant cooperation of Blockchain developers the level of these Blue Hill Platform Developers.

Blockchain Work Labs

This is the company that will provide us with the audits for the Utility BHF-Token.

We will inform you our new advisors soon that we are currently making agreements with. Due to the COVID 19 travel restrictions we will continue all works with new advisors which are aready located in Mongolia.


Dr. Kurt Becker
  • PH.D. Economist, 20 years experience in finance and capital markets. Senior-Economist at Collineo Asset Management, Sal Oppenheimjr. & Cie KGaA, Hypo Public Finance Bank, Westfälishche Hypothekenbank The leading European Asset Manager in Structured Finance. with 17 billion Euro assets under management.
Eng. Olav Haseler
  • Engineer in the sector machine building industry with more than 30 years professional experience in the mining sector.
Eng. Reiner Mecklenbrauck
Project Engineer
  • Graduate engineer (mining) RWTH Aachen University, 30 years of professional experience in the mining sector and machine building industry in executive positions
Eng. Siegfried Ristau
Mechanical Engineer
  • Graduate engineer in mechanical engineering, with more than 25 years professional experience in plant management in the mining sector.
Eng. Sven Kotissek
Industrial Engineering Assistant
  • Graduate in Industrial Engineering, (Bachelor), University of Dortmund, project manager and IT expert, analyst in financial engineering and simulations since 2 yearsGraduate in Industrial Engineering, (Bachelor), University of Dortmund, project manager and IT expert, analyst in financial engineering and simulations..
Yannick Becker
Economics Assistant
  • Graduate in Economics (Bachelor), University of Dortmund, high school lecturer, project manager and financial analyst.
Mario Lino
Multimedia Journalist
  • Mario Lino is an experienced, highly-skilled multimedia journalist. He has worked as an anchor and reporter for RTP (the main Portuguese Broadcasting TV Station) and as a collaborator for Sky News and Channel 4. Versatile on digital, Mario is also a creative award-winning copywriter for commercials and corporate movies. He is an all-round asset, always ready to help pushing companies beyond their boundaries.
Matthias Erdmann
Mining Engineer
  • Mining engineer with 15 years of expertise in the mining industry. He belonged to the team of miners that handed out the last piece of coal produced by the last german coal mine to the German president Mr. Walter Steinmeier and the European President Jean Claude Juncker during a public national ceremony which marked the historical end of an important part of german industry. Matthias is a mechanical engineer specialized in the mining industry.
Rafael Moya
Marketing Advisor
  • Marketing consultant, product configuration and sales planning with more than 15 years of global experience, currently a blockchain based project consultant. Currently certifying in the II Master in Applied Blockchain, Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes.